Would you like to be more involved with camps? Everyone involved with Sacramento Camps is a volunteer — from the Camps Board Chair to Kids Camp Junior Counselors! We rely on the dozens of adults that take a week of vacation to pour into the lives of kids! If you would like to work at one of the camps, please fill out the application!

This year we are improving our staff application process to formalize a few of our goals. We have some of the best volunteers for our camps and we want to keep it that way! This year, the Camps Registrar has set up an application alongside the camper registrations. Each camp director will sort through the applications and be in touch. (Feel free to contact the director directly anyway with any questions specific to your camp.). A $25 deposit will be required when applying to cover the cost of a background check and such.

Most all of our volunteers are people already involved with ministry with ministry at a local church. As such, we keep the sticker price of camp down by asking the volunteers pay at least part of their camp fees. The lower the price the less sticker-shock and it gets more kids to camp and our volunteers are all about that! Many of our churches do fundraisers for camp and the adults raise money alongside the kids. Other churches simply fund the adults as a budget item. Quite a few adults believe enough in camp to fund their own way and each camp director has a small number of adult volunteer scholarships to give out each summer.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Be 18 years of age for Kids Camp, and 21 year of age for both youth camps, committed to following Jesus, energetic & outgoing!
 (Under 18 may be considered in support roles ONLY, as approved by the Director)
  2. Be in love with God’s Word, loyal to your local church, a servant of Jesus!
  3. PRAY for God’s placement of you and your gifts in this ministry!
  4. Fill out the application for the camp you want to volunteer for.
  5. Attend required Summer Camp Staff Training scheduled by the Camp Director.

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