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Mt Hope Camp Driving Directions

Mount Hope Bible Camp

9721 Mt Hope Rd,
Challenge, CA 95925

You can find a map to Mt Hope Bible Camp on their website.

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I’ve been trying to pay a deposit on your website but can’t navigate to that area. the system keeps taking me to Canoe Camp. I thought I registered my daughter for Middle School Camp.

Can you please advise?

Okay, I am not certain what is going on, but I can give you a few ideas!

  • This is the page on our website that has the link to our registration partner: Registration Page. Look for the “Click here to Register” button.
  • Sometimes a parent might put in their own contact info into the Participant page. That gives the website an adult birthday and may lock out younger camps.
  • If that does not work, call our registrar! We will get you going! 530-255-4381.

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