If your camper requires medication while at camp, please keep in mind the following:

  • All medication must be checked in with the camp nurse. Some meds may be given back to the camper, like a rescue inhaler, however, that will be up to the camp nurse. Then the camp staff will keep track of medication schedules.
  • All medication must be packed in the original bottle. Prescription medication must come in the pharmacy bottle with the camper’s name on it with the correct dosage prescribed.
  • All medication will be returned to the camper at the end of camp.

Our goal is to stick to the same med schedule at camp as these kids have at home. And, in case of questions, we need to be able to give good answers as to medication dosage and frequency. Thank you for your cooperation!

Published by Zimmer Ron

Ron Zimmer has been involved with Christian summer camping leadership since 1987 and on the Sacramento District since 2003. Currently Ron is the Camps Board Chair since 2010 and the teaching pastor at the Nazarene church in Chico, CA since 2002.

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