We are really excited to spend a week with your Junior Higher up at Mount Hope Bible Camp this summer. We are excited about what God has planned for this week! Summer Camp will be the most dynamic week of your child’s spiritual life. Please be praying that these days will be life changing!

Some information you’ll want to know:
Arrival at Camp: Camp starts at 1PM at Mt Hope Bible Camp. Note: Please make sure you have pickup plans for the last day of camp, Thursday, so your campers know who with whom they will be riding home.

Definitely bring this stuff:

  • Bible and pen
  • athletic shoes that can get dirty
  • water bottle
  • personal toiletries
  • clothing for warm days & cool nights
  • bug spray
  • sleeping bag
  • modest 1-piece swim suit
  • flashlight
  • pillow
  • sandals or flip flops (to/from pool)
  • disposable camera
  • lip and sun screen
  • personal medications or prescriptions
  • spending money ($15-20)
  • towel/wash cloth
  • YOU!

Stuff to leave at home:

CD/mp3 players/iPod, cell phones, pets, game systems, and skateboards, firearms, knives, matches/lighters, explosive devices, tactical armor, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, no wheelie shoes.

Campground Policies: All camps are open to registered campers only. Camp registration is for the entire week. Campers must remain with their group at all times unless otherwise authorized by the Camp Director. All registration closes the evening of the first day of camp, unless prior approval is made with the Camp Director.

Please note: Public telephones are not available to Campers except in emergency situations as authorized by Camp Staff (it causes homesickness). If you have a family emergency and need to reach the Campground, the phone number is: (530) 675-2022. Of course, if a camper has any serious situation we will call the emergency contact number.

About The Author

CJ Williamson
Junior High Camp Director

C.J. is the youth pastor at the Oroville Nazarene Church since 2015. His breadth of experience and inviting personality make for the perfect Junior High Camp leader! We are grateful to have him on board!

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  1. Mary McGuire

    In Kids Camp the parents could send mail to the campers for fun, is this an option also for Camp Hope? If so can you send me the address so I can get gag mail ready! hehe

    • Zimmer Ron

      You are one devious parent. We like devious parents.
      Mt Hope Bible Camp
      P.O.Box 240
      Forbestown, CA 95941-0240

    • Zimmer Ron

      I can’t. They are not good for my tan lines. And I’m a dude.

      The important part to keep in mind is modesty. Spaghetti straps can be a feature on modest clothes, but sometimes they simply are not. We will insist on modest clothing choices without trying to make a rule for every situation.

      Thank you for asking!

    • Zimmer Ron

      That will be up to the director. At worst, she may be asked to put a tee shirt on. Modesty is our goal, not getting you to buy more stuff!

    • Zimmer Ron

      There’s no specific night to dress up at camp. Bring a dress if you like, wear jewelry if you wish, but it would be smart not to bring anything so nice you would be sad if it, for some reason or another, it didn’t go home with you in the same condition.

  2. Ariana Warf

    So, will the people that come with you be in the same cabin as you? like my friends Natalie and jeanmarie they go to the same church as me and we are all best friends. Will we be in the same cabin?

    • Zimmer Ron

      Generally speaking, yes, we put campers that come from the same church in the same cabin together. Sometimes there’s a good reason that doesn’t happen, like there’s more people from a church that can fit in a cabin, but we make every effort to place campers with familiar people!

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