Would you like to be more involved with camps? We rely on the dozens of adults that take a week of vacation to pour into the lives of kids! If you would like to work at one of the camps, please fill out the application!

Click Here for the Application to Volunteer at one or both Children’s Camps


Click Here to Volunteer Application for One or Both Youth Camps


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Be 18 years of age for Kids Camp, and 21 year of age for both youth camps, committed Christian, energetic & outgoing!
 (Under 18 may be considered in support roles ONLY, as approved by the Director)
  2. Be in love with God’s Word, loyal to the Church, a servant of Jesus!
  3. PRAY for God’s placement of you and your gifts in this ministry!
  4. Contact by mail/phone the Camp Director with whom you want to serve.
  5. Attend required Summer Camp Staff Training scheduled by the Camp Director.