First thing to know: All of your personal stuff needs to fit in one regulation carry-on and a personal item (like a purse, computer bag, etc). We may have you check team stuff, but anything you need must be with you on the plane.

The dress code word is modesty. The island is a 1950 mid-western Christian in culture. Although the kids are influenced by US television, you won’t see the ladies in short skirts, for instance. Please take care to choose long shorts that are appropriate for our status as visitors with a mission in mind. If this part is unclear to you, please ask!

  • You will not need a pillow or sleeping bag. In the Caribbean you will not need or want a sleeping bag anyway. Sheets and pillows will be provided by the camp.
  • One set of church clothes. Something appropriate your grandmother would be proud to see you wear.
  • Five more days worth of clothes for everyday, like tee shirts and shorts.
  • Pack both sandals and shoes appropriate to hike in.
  • Modest beach attire.
  • Suggestion: One light long sleeve shirt you can use as sunscreen.
  • Bring a hat good as sun screen and rain hat.
  • Pack a towel.
  • Tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, hair brush, etc. in travel sizes when you can.
  • Small flash light.
  • A Bible, journal and pen.
  • Ear plugs.
  • Camera.
  • Sun Screen!
  • It cannot be emphasized enough that we are not there to get a tan. Furthermore, any risk of overexposure to the sun should be avoided at all cost because sun burns will cost the whole group in time and experiences. So, do not go cheap or light on your sun block. You really do get what you pay for in that stuff.

There is a small bit of internet accessible at the campground.
Taking phone calls on the island is expensive, even when you can get a signal. The last bit of US coverage will be in San Juan.
Bring head phones if you like, only to be used when we are not together as a group. It might help you with the sleeping part.
There really won’t be a good place to lock up valuables. Remember that when deciding what to bring.
There is a laundry facility at the camp. Everything will be hung up to dry.
In the summer, each day is muggy. Really muggy. Plan on it raining a little or a lot each day.

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Ron Zimmer has been involved with Christian summer camping leadership since 1987 and on the Sacramento District since 2003. Currently Ron is the Camps Board Chair since 2010 and the teaching pastor at the Nazarene church in Chico, CA since 2002.

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