Okay, we know you won’t be driving to Dominica. But, you will need to know how this works.

Once the team is selected, the team’s airline tickets will be purchased as a block. Because we expect team members to come from all over the district, we plan to fly out of the most convenient airport for you. The flight plans will merge somewhere along the way.

Once on the island, we will be moved around the island by the missionary’s transportation. The district owns two 15 passenger vans (although they are 15 people crammed into a mini-van). We will also hire some vans for camp transportation.

The island is a former British Commonwealth. They drive on the left side. A U.S. driver’s license will not be useful. Even one from Nevada. So, pack good walking shoes.

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Zimmer Ron
Camps Board Chair

Ron Zimmer has been involved with Christian summer camping leadership since 1987 and on the Sacramento District since 2003. Currently Ron is the Camps Board Chair since 2010 and the teaching pastor at the Nazarene church in Chico, CA since 2002.

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