Dominica: January 29 – February 3, 2015

Conference training for Kids Camp and Youth Camp

Armenia: June 11 – 16, 2015

Multiple Country Conference for Camps and VBSs

Northern California: July 8 – July 1, 2015

Conference and hands-on training in Susanville, CA
We are big fans of summer camp and love to spread the love! We pool our veteran camp leadership to teach camping philosophy to camp leaders from around the world!

This comes in many forms. We send out trainers to regional camping conferences and to attend international camps. We also host camping conferences in Northern California as well as invite international camp leaders to join our local camps.



At our conferences, we take camp leaders through the entire process of camp, from knowing the target audience to after-camp evaluation.The modules include:

  • Where to Start?
    • Start by knowing where to start – everything from age-groups to target audience
  • Counselor Training
    • Plan out your counselor training so everyone is on the same page
  • Getting Volunteers
    • How to attract and keep others ┬áto work with you
  • Schedules
    • Every schedule is different
  • Soma Games System
    • A philosophy of keeping more campers engaged and building new relationships
  • Planning for Safety
    • Physical and emotional safety is vital to reaching camp goals
  • Evaluate
    • See how others see your camp

Chapel in Dominica

International Camping

We provide camp admin staff on-the-job mentoring as well. Attending a Conference can set the ball rolling in the right direction. At-camp mentoring helps directors and other admin staff to know what to look for, how to make in-camp adjustments and a provides a valuable sounding board. We currently have long term relationships with Nazarene camps in Dominica and Armenia.

About The Author

Zimmer Ron
Camps Board Chair

Ron Zimmer has been involved with Christian summer camping leadership since 1987 and on the Sacramento District since 2003. Currently Ron is the Camps Board Chair since 2010 and the teaching pastor at the Nazarene church in Chico, CA since 2002.

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