July 14 – 26, 2017

$1495 | Apply before February 15, 2017

For Students
Grades 9 to Grads
& District Youth Leaders

Ocean View Retreat Center, Dominica, Caribbean

Camp Dominica is a new camp venture started in 2013! We will be attending a joint camp with the Nazarene youth on the Island of Dominica. Our District Camps leaders will be mentoring the Dominican camp leaders as they create their own camping culture.

Here is the deal: God has used summer camps around the world to introduce people to Jesus and to call people into full-time ministry. (By the way, that is why we do camp!) The Dominica District Church of the Nazarene had a dream to start a tradition of summer camps for just that reason. Over the past five years the district has raised the money and built a beautiful campground with a great view of the ocean! Honestly, it would be awesome anywhere, but this one is in the Caribbean!

The campground was completed last year and has hosted its first year of camps. What the district learned is that training a camp staff takes time and expertise. And, an island without a rich heritage of Christian camping has precious few people to lead camps.

That is where we come in. Our district has a rich camping heritage we can share with Dominica! Our plan is to invest in the Youth Camps of Dominica by taking campers and staff. We will participate in their camp alongside their staff and campers. It is our job to mentor and provide great ideas, not to run the camp.

Also, for every 10 people we take, we plan to bring one adult from Dominica Youth Camp to work at our camp before we leave. This will help us spend more time planning the Dominican Youth Camp. That is a big deal!

This is a camp for both adults and youth. The adult price is $1500 and the student price is $1795

Ocean View Retreat Center

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This Google Map picture was taken before construction started on the camp now on this property. This campground features cabins to host 100 campers and four hotel rooms. It is designed to draw hikers and other vacationers when not hosting camps.

More Pictures from Dominica.

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Zimmer Ron
Camps Board Chair

Ron Zimmer has been involved with Christian summer camping leadership since 1987 and on the Sacramento District since 2003. Currently Ron is the Camps Board Chair since 2010 and the teaching pastor at the Nazarene church in Chico, CA since 2002.

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